Pests and Disease by Tree Species

To make it easier for you to spot tree pests and diseases we have outlined below which host species is the main target for each of our 22 priorities.  Also included are leaf images to help you know you have the right tree.

Further information on each pest and disease shown can be found by clicking on the name.

If you are worried that you have spotted something of concern then please report it!

Acer (maples/sycamores)

* Citrus and Asian Longhorn beetles can also be found on other hosts trees including: alder, apple, beech, elm, hazel, hornbeam, pear, poplar and willow.

There are many more tree pests and diseases targeting these tree species and others. Check out the Forestry Commission’s Guide if you are looking for more information.

If you need further help identifying trees try the Woodland Trust Tree ID app or their online tree identification pages.