Watch and Learn: Digital Learning

Because of the number of videos, this page may take a little time to load so please bear with us.

Click on the images below to watch our training presentations, delivered by tree health professionals and scientists within the Observatree partnership. Please note that the webinars were produced for Observatee volunteers so may include questions raised by participants within the session. New items will be added as soon as they are available.

Please contact us if there is any information you are particularly looking for.

Tip for watching

Fill screen icon in the far right of each videoTo play  full screen, click on the full screen control after starting to play the video.  You can exit full screen by pressing ‘ESC’

An introduction to recording the location of a tree (12.21 mins)
Recording the location of a tree (19.31 mins)
Methods and technologies (15.49 mins)
Returning to a tree (13.56 mins)
Evaluating the health of a tree (17.50 mins)

Assessing the condition of a tree - 5 steps (click bottom right of the video image to view in full screen)

Step 1 - What tree? (12.14 mins)
Step 2 - Site and setting (11.51 mins)
Step 3 - History and distribution (10.58 mins)
Step 4 - Crown signs and symptoms (9.28 mins)
Step 5 - Trunk and root collar signs and symptoms (12.19 mins)