Tree Health Citizen Science Projects and Initiatives

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Ancient Tree Hunt
A living database mapping ancient and special trees.

Helping scientists understand how ash dieback spreads and identifying resistant trees by ‘tagging’ their progress.

Identifying as many different species of birds, bugs, plants and beasties to document and feed into local and national wildlife databases.

Conker Tree Science
Taking part in activities to gather information on horse chestnut trees and their enemies.

International Plant Sentinel Network
A global network providing plant health data through the use of sentinel plants to act as an early warning system for new and emerging pests and diseases.

i-Tree Eco
Using study area data along with local hourly air pollution and meteorological data to quantify forest structure, environmental effects and value to communities.

Using visual recognition software to identify tree species from photos of their leaves.

Living Ash Project 
Aiming to secure ash trees for the future that show resistance to ash dieback.

National Plant Monitoring Scheme
Data collected will provide an annual indication changes in plant abundance and diversity.

Nature’s Calendar
Recording signs of each season in your local area providing evidence of how wildlife is responding to our changing climate.

A UK-wide initiative allowing anyone to get hands-on with nature whatever their age, background or ability.

Plantlife Scotland
Management trials with Forest Research at five Scottish sites testing ways to encourage natural regeneration of populations.

Plymouth Woodland Project
Collecting vital information on woodlands in the Plymouth area to help in their conservation.

RHS Plant Pests
Surveying the spread of non-native garden insects.

Monitoring the impact of ash dieback on ground flora and epiphytes associated with ash in woodlands and other semi-natural habitats.

teamCooper Fraxinus
A Facebook puzzle game using real genetic data that could help discover why certain ash trees have natural resistance to ash dieback.

Track A Tree
Collecting information on the phenology of woodland trees and flowering plants in order to monitor woodlands over future springs.

Traditional Orchard Survey
Finding and studying traditional orchards to help preserve them and the animals they support.

Help increase knowledge of tree phenotypes – every tree is important!

Creating a data rich platform on which investigations can be built – by mapping every tree in Britain.

Woodland Trust Tree ID app
Identify native and common non-native trees in the UK whatever the season in just a few steps.