Press Releases

40,000 more trees available for health check….as English Heritage opens sites to tree disease volunteers

Volunteers for the national, partner-led project known as Observatree can now access English Heritage sites, meaning that 380 new locations can be surveyed for signs of tree pests and diseases….read more

Pioneering tree health partnership to continue thanks to funding boost

An award-winning partnership which has identified 1,046 cases of tree pest and disease across the UK is set to continue…read more

Volunteers identify more than 500 cases of tree disease in one year

More than 500 positive identifications of tree disease have been made by volunteers trained through the Observatree tree health monitoring project since it launched one year ago. More than 1,500 site visits have also been made by the volunteers so far across the UK… read more

Landmark global conference to discuss prevention of spread of tree pests and diseases

Over 150 experts from across the world will descend on the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew on February 23/24 for a fully-subscribed conference to discuss tree and plant health early warning systems in an attempt to further improve our ability to prevent and detect new outbreaks of pests and diseases…read more

People power to help tackle tree disease

Citizen science and new technology are being combined in the fight against tree disease1 as part of Observatree, a new project launched this spring aiming to help protect the UK’s trees, woods and forests from harmful pests and diseases – existing or new… read more