Volunteer recruitment 2019

Volunteer recruitment 2019

Our Observatree team has been hard at work over the past few months recruiting new volunteers to keep the life blood of the project flowing. We can’t wait to start receiving new records of your sightings up and down the country and we are raring to go with this year’s round of training workshops.  With over 100 new recruits up and down the country we will be able to keep a closer eye than ever on our valuable trees and woods.

It’s not all about our new recruits though those of you who are steadfast recorders we want you back in action and using your top notch ID skills to let us know if you have seen any pests or diseases in your area. As spring is occurring right before our eyes there is no better time to get out and start your observations.

On the right you can see a map of our active volunteers located up and down the country. This year we have fantastic coverage of the UK in terms of volunteer numbers and we look forward to reaching an even greater number of records than in 2018. Remember even a negative record has value so every record counts. We look forward to receiving your reports.

Volunteer locations

Observatree volunteer locations in 2019