Observatree/IPSN Conference on Tree and Plant Health Early Warning Systems in Europe – abstracts

Observatree/IPSN Conference on Tree and Plant Health Early Warning Systems in Europe – abstracts

Plant Protection Organization perspective on tree pests and early warning

Observatree: Empowering citizens, partnership working, shared learning and a common goal

An International Plant Sentinel Network; a Plant Health Early Warning System Supported by Botanic Gardens and Arboreta

COST ACTION FP1401 – A global network of nurseries as early warning system against alien tree pests (Global Warning)

Emerging pests and diseases detected in UK gardens

Summary of the London Tree Officers Association (LTOA) Ceratocystis platani surveys 2014-2015

Tree inventory of Lisbon’s historic gardens: a tool for management and control of invasive tree and plant pests and diseases

Emerald Ash Borer in North America: if we had known then, what we know now…

Observatree: Bringing together citizen scientists and tree health professionals to tackle tree disease

People as fieldworkers

Communities in Nature: A model for encouraging public participation

Mobilising citizen science for tree health surveillance

The Yorkshire Arboretum – A Canary’s Perspective. Using a botanical collection to develop networks and public awareness of tree health

Thoughtful enthusiasm for citizen science: the influence of recorder effort, coverage and motivations for the early detection of pests and diseases

Recent progress in the early warning and detection of potentially invasive alien insects through sentinel plantings in other continents and extensive surveys in major European botanical gardens

Observatree: Citizen Science and new approaches for reporting pests and diseases

How “citizen science” can be used to maximise the effectiveness of tree pest and disease surveys: defining the distribution of Acute Oak Decline

Automated large area tree species mapping and disease detection using airborne hyperspectral remote sensing

Imported or already locally native? Stable isotope investigation of invasive tree pests can differentiate between pests grown in local trees (Austria) from pests grown abroad (Portugal): a pilot study of Monochamus

Potential of hyperspectral leaf reflectance for the non-destructive monitoring of urban tree diseases

Encouraging good biosecurity practices in early warning system participants

Quantitative approaches to early detection surveillance of invading plant pathogens

A view from the South Pacific: International Plant Sentinel Network (IPSN) and New Zealand

Observatree: The use and value of Citizen Science in an outbreak situation

The OPAL Tree Health Survey – pioneering engagement of the public to support tree health policy needs

Distribution of invasive species and their threat to natural populations of boxwood (Buxus colchica Pojark) in Georgia