Observatree Autumn Round Up

Observatree Autumn Round Up Following on from our last blog post where we shared what we’d been up to this summer, we thought we’d share what the volunteers have all been up to this summer! In total we had 1247 reports submitted between July and September, which is a lot of trees being looked at!  The Midlands volunteers have been the busiest; we seem to have a bit of a rivalry developing between the West and East Midlands with both regions submitting over 200 reports each this summer.  All regions have submitted reports this summer, which is gives a good range of data across the UK.  Chalara ash dieback diamond lesion spotted by Karen Holland 130 of these reports were for priority pests or diseases and a further 62 were for non-priority pests and diseases.  Negative reports are also very important for research, as they show scientists what’s happening around […]

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