‘How does Observatree fit into tree disease?’, Joan Webber, Principal Pathologist, Forest Research

Observatree project is asking citizens to help in protecting our trees from new pests and diseases, but why is this an issue and why is citizen science part of the answer? First off, the UK is dealing with a sharp increase in threats to our trees from a combination of the increased trade climate change. Since 2001 the UK has seen a near exponential increase in the appearance of new tree pests and diseases. The Government is already very active in this area and it’s approach to controlling new tree pests and diseases is to prevent them from arriving if at all possible, but if they do get here, to eradicate them before they become established. Government scientists at Forest Research are already investigating many of these new threats, collaborating with other scientists in the UK and overseas as well as woodland managers. However, in order for eradication to be […]

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