UK Tree Health Citizen Science Network

The UK Tree Health Citizen Science Network has been formed from a group of organisations working across a range of projects and activities that engage people with trees.

The aim of the network is for all key organisations and individuals with an interest in tree health and citizen science to:

  • work collaboratively to share information, news, experiences and best practice
  • pursue opportunities for joint working and funding
  • act as ambassadors both nationally and internationally
  • provide counsel and advice to policy-makers

The network aims to improve how tree health citizen science opportunities are presented and marketed to the public. We want to make it easier for people to easily understand what projects are available and which opportunities are most appropriate for them.

See what the aims of the network are.

Other tree health citizen science projects and initiatives in the UK.

Future meetings will be held on:

  • February 2020 (Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh)
  • July 2020 (Forest Research, Alice Holt, Farnham)
  • February 2021 (Tree Health Centre, Yorkshire Arboretum)

Observatree plays a key role on the Network through membership and by hosting the Network’s webpage (managed by Simon Barber, Woodland Trust). The first Coordinator of the Network is David Slawson (OPAL Imperial college London).

If you are actively involved with developing or running tree health citizen science and would like to join the network please contact us.

Join our conversation at #treecitsci

Current network members

Alice Hudson - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
Simon Barber - Woodland Trust
Tom Jenkins - Forest Research Wales
Sue Townsend - Field Studies Council
Savi Maharaj - University of Stirling
Simon Toomer - National Trust
Phillip Wheeler - Open University
Phillip Handley - Forest Research
Paul Beales - Animal and Plant Health Agency
Nathan Brown - Rothamsted Research
Nidhi Gupta - Research Fellow
Margaret Lipscombe - Tree Council
Madeleine Hodge - The Ash Project (Kent Downs)
Lucy Carson-Taylor - Animal and Plant Health Agency
Jon Stokes - Tree Council
John Grimshaw - Yorkshire Arboretum
Jassy Drakulic - Royal Horticultural Society
Andy Moffat - Independent Consultant
Clare Trivedi - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
Jane Barbrook - Animal and Plant Health Agency
Peter Crow - Forest Research
Charles Lane - Fera Science Ltd
Chris Malumphy - Fera Science Ltd
Suzi Sancisi-Frey - Forest Research
Kate Lewthwaite
Kate Lewthwaite - Woodland Trust
David Slawson - Imperial College London
Michael Pocock - Centre for Hydrology and Ecology
Ana Perez-Sierra - Forest Research
Alison Dyke - University of York
Gabriel Hemery - Sylva Foundation
Jake Morris - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Andy Salisbury - Royal Horticultural Society
Janice Ansine - Open University
Hilary Geoghegan - University of Reading
Katy Hayden - Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh