Have you ever thought about what the world would be like without trees?

Trees are a fundamental element of our natural environment.


They give us social and economic benefits, increasing quality of life.

Many bird species and small animals find trees a perfect habitat for shade, food and nesting.

Trees add beauty to their surroundings and contribute to the character of their environment.

Your help is crucial

We want you to help in our fight against tree disease.  By working together and raising concerns sooner we have the best chances of preserving our landscapes.

Three key pests and diseases are threatening some of the UK’s most iconic tree species:

Chalara ash dieback
Affects ash trees
First recorded in the UK in 2012
Sirococcus shoot blight of cedar
Affects cedar trees
First recorded in the UK in 2014
Oriental chestnut gall wasp (OCGW)
Affects sweet chestnut trees
First recorded in the UK in 2015

Location, location, location

Whilst you are out and about keep an eye open for tree pests and diseases in your local area.  This map pinpoints what we would like you to look out for and where.

Tools for the job

To support you in looking out for and reporting any signs of tree disease we have created three specific toolkits.

Each toolkit gives you the resources to help you recognise signs and symptoms as well as document key information.

A wide range of further information exists on these tree pests and diseases. Signposts and links are provided.

To access each toolkit please click on the links below:

Chalara ash dieback toolkit
Sirococcus blight of cedar toolkit
OCGW Toolkit
OCGW toolkit