Working with Europe

Pound FarmAn important element of Observatree is to work with European organisations to share our project experiences as well as learn from similar projects being carried out.

Key Observatree activities include:

Surveying European tree health citizen science projects (January 2015)

Download Survey results

Delivering a ‘Tree and Plant Health Early Warning Systems in Europe’ conference

This was delivered jointly with IPSN (International Plant Sentinel Network), supported by EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation). The conference was held on 23-24 February 2016 at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK. Find out more.

Establishing a European tree health citizen science knowledge network

If this is something you are interested in getting involved in please contact us.

Study tours/advisory visits

During 2016/2017 we will offer selected European organisations the opportunity to come to the UK to learn more about how Observatree works. This would include attending some of our volunteer training events together with learning from key project staff – the project manager, trainers and volunteer engagement officer.

If your organisation is thinking of setting up a tree health citizen science project outside of the UK and you think you might benefit from a visit or study tour then please get in touch as soon as possible. We can only offer a very limited number of these tours and visits so places will be offered to those organisations that we feel will benefit most.

Sharing best practice and lessons learnt

Over the next two years we will publish feedback on our experiences and key documentation needed to set up a project like this.